The spirit of enterprise is based on the art of practicing and pursuing perfection, which is the ultimate goal. Raysonic in Thailand adopts the principle that our whole service team shall have full understanding, at the beginning, regarding the correct application of our materials. Beauty, quality, and expert construction must be adhered to. Plus, much effort is put into incorporating Thai cultural elements into local designs. Finally, aftermarket customer care is vital to ensuring customer satisfaction. The team can control the whole process and ensure that every detail is taken care of. That is Raysonic bringing 100% spirit of Taiwan to the world.


Bangkok Custom-made Ster View46F

We always do our best to create a new, wonderful life for them with our professional skills. We treat each work as an independent art piece, and plan the functions of the space according to the needs of the owner. Design is not merely the work of a designer, but a space involved collaboration of many people. What we’d like to explore and create is a sense of space in life.

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Raysonic Furniture Design(Thailand)co.,Ltd.

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90/10 Moo 15 Bangan-trad Road(km.5) Bangchalong Bangplee Samutprakam10540