翻譯 印象臺灣設計-RAYSONIC傢俱定制與設計師見面會在上海成功舉行 33/5000 Impressions Taiwan design - RAYSONIC custom furniture
Pursue the master footprint, taste Taiwan design. November 26, the Taiwan brand RAYSONIC custom furniture hand in hand "Impressionist Degas China's first exhibition - dancing art" landing in Shanghai, Xiyingmen International Building Materials Brand Center, general manager of Mr. Ding Yi Chen and Taiwan's general manager of HSBC Group Mr. Hong Kezhong, Mr. Hongzhe Fu, Vice President of RAYSONIC Group, Mr. Wang Zhengxing, the Designer of the Strategic Cooperation Partner of SAIF Group, Mr. Zhao Gang, General Manager of RAYSONIC Shanghai Chaotie Trading Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhao Gang, the General Manager of RAYSONIC, came to "Design Impression" Refined life - RAYSONIC custom furniture and designers will meet "thematic activities.

In more than a year of cooperation, Mr. Ding RAYSONIC brand for both the sense of originality temperament empathy, RAYSONIC spoke highly of and affirmed, and personally RAYSONIC awarded the "2016 distinctive brand" award.
│ RAYSONIC brand exhibition hall 1998 RAYSONIC furniture custom set up in Taiwan, it is well-known by the Italian designer Marco Cavalcanti and Taiwan's high-end custom furniture brand Shenbao combination.
RAYSONIC show simple and solemn, avant-garde and classic, both in the audio-visual portfolio, study space, bedroom space, cloakroom, and even sliding doors have excellent market expression, and has maintained a modern lifestyle of acute tentacles, brand style , Neat straight neat lines, so that design can walk in every corner of the room.

│ equipment technology and environmental protection RAYSONIC interior design planning with sophisticated production technology, with carpenters delicate installation techniques; uphold the "creative, innovative and perfect combination of production process," the mission; the introduction of raw materials from Europe, the German equipment by the mechanization process, and finally to the packaging , Shenbao products are at least after dozens of processes of rigorous testing.
Based on a strong sense of environmental protection and health awareness, RAYSONIC global selection of ecological raw materials, strict control of environmental protection index, so that each product has become a creative, natural driving force and the perfect combination of superb technology products.
Raysonic joined forces with Impressionist Master Degas China - the art of dancing to Shanghai
Masterpiece works in China first exhibition The theme of this exhibition is "Art of Dancing", and most of the 30 original works are from the National Museum of Serbia. These works are representative works of Degas between 1880 and 1912, and the works of Degas are exhibited in China for the first time. Jon White-Ley, curator of art history at the University of Oxford, is a curator of impressionism in Europe.  

[Let the audience dance] This exhibition uses the most advanced virtual technology VR, the audience can go into the paintings of Degas, not only can feel the work of Degas dancers elegant dance, but also in the virtual space to experience their own pick up brush to create dancing . During the exhibition, he also organized many ballet dances to combine the dancing in the real world with the dancing in the masterpieces, and to show Degas' "dancing art" in stereo.  

【Pursue Master's Footsteps, Raysonic Impression of Taiwan Design】 The beauty of art and the beauty of home interrelated, impression Taiwan design, custom refined life. Raysonic from Taiwan, invited more than 200 industry professionals to explore the art and life of the mysterious fit, so that the beauty of art into the home space, inspire more life inspiration.
In 1975 Mr. Hong Mingzhen founded the Taiwan Shenbao Group, you can see the history of 41 years, with the gradual extension to the world of peace, Raysonic assumed Shenbao international image communication responsibility, with the history of Italian design and manufacturing in Taiwan Origin, into the public eye, a prominent modern furniture custom brand.  
Raysonic enjoys the local machinery and equipment from Germany, Italy and Taiwan, as well as the sustainable development of the industrial ecological environment. Raysonic has a very distinctive character of Taiwan, more emphasis on the functional origin of the product, excellent work for users to product and life adaptation of the best solution.  
Raysonic, hand in hand with the famous Italian designer Marco Cavalcanti, will be located in the furniture, sustainable fitness, beauty and function of the precise balance, and strive to provide customers with exclusive taste, but also hope to provide a variety of life- So that product and space with more closely, and then showing a harmonious beauty.  
Today, Raysonic stores have been extended to Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Japan and Shanghai, China.